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Killer Legs - version Anglaise 

Killer legs - version Anglaise

One evening, Marco, a photographer, is sat on the terrace of a bar. Also at the bar is the very beautiful Sylvia. Marco has fallen under her charm.
Suddenly three men make an appearance, and approach Sylvia. They soon leave and the girl follows them. Marco is transfixed by the beauty of Sylvia and discreetly follows the group, armed with his camera. As the group walks along, Marco is taking photos. Suddenly Sylvia transforms into a vampire, killing the three men in front of the watching Marco. This is not the first time that he has followed Sylvia and he has noticed that she has the characteristic to kill her victims by strangling them between her legs!... Marco is falling in love with Sylvia. One evening he decides to approach her, despite knowing that his life could be at risk. He plucks up courage and proposes that they meet for a photo session. At the end of the session, Sylvia takes Marco between her legs. To save his life, Marco quickly tells Sylvia that he knows all about her. He shows her the photos that he took of her killing frenzy. He also tells Sylvia that he loves her. Sylvia shows interest and spares him by asking him whether he is ready to give her his heart. Marco is so in love with her that he accepts - thinking she is speaking figuratively. Sylvia then takes Marco to a cellar wherein there lies a tomb. In this tomb, Sevren, the lover of Sylvia, rests: it's now the beginning of the hell for Marco!....
This video has English sub-titles.

Killer Legs - Version Anglaise