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Girls Seize Power

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UPDATED 23/04/2018
CLIP : GP-031 - Chapitre 1 


If you are intrested in videos with Cheny, please send me an e-mail :  girl-power@orange.fr
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First of all, I want to thank all of you who answered my appeal for help during my recent cash-flow crisis: the worst is over now…Eight of you answered my questionnaire and below you will find a synthesis of your preferences. In future we shall do out best to take them into account.HOWEVER, FOR THE NEXT FORTNIGHT THERE WILL BE NO NEW CLIPS POSTED ON THE WEBSITE…A member pf my family must be hospitalized in another town and I shall of course want to be with them until they can come home

FAVOURITE FIGHTERS :Lilia, Sandrine, Coline, Larissa, Virginia, Diana, Karine.......
There is a certain preference for uniforms (policewomen, nurses, cowgirls (!), écolières, karate gi-top…)
Some simply prefer sexy clothes: mini-skirts or tight black jeans, for example
Some prefer boots, others athletic footwear, others bare feet
A majority prefer beatddowns but a small minority prefer even-handed fights to beatdowns (more suspense)
Some enjoy fetish gear (leather, PVC…) and submission scenes